OMG Ombre!

Gwen Stefani married Gavin Rossdale almost a decade ago, but her ombre wedding gown is the inspiration for 2012’s hottest wedding trend.  For those of you who may be wondering what “ombre” is, the definition is “shaded or graduated in tone”.  We began seeing this design element pop up a few years ago in hair highlights, as darker and more natural roots became more popular. This year, it’s everywhere! And, it’s gorgeous! And, it’s easy to incorporate into your wedding.

Our friends are getting married this summer in Aspen and the bride is incorporating ombre as one of her many themes…this wedding is going to just be epic. She watercolor painted her save the dates by hand into a beautiful ombre…see her design posts over here on Denver photographer Laura Murray’s blog (who happens to both insanely talented AND the bride’s sister):

 Post 1: Design     Post 2: DIY

Here’s a smattering of more ombre to enjoy!

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