May the odds be ever in your favor…

In honor of the Hunger Games  movie premiere (which I could NOT be more excited about…I already have tickets to two showings), enjoy this  awesome wedding inspiration shoot! I think the cake is my favorite. Read on for more ways to incorporate subtle personal touches throughout your wedding, in case a fantasy young adult novel (about teens hunting each other to the death) is not your ideal wedding theme.

  • Serve your favorite beer or name your tables after your favorite bars or restaurants.
  • Love Game of Thrones? Steal their cape-exchanging tradition for your ceremony!
  • Having a destination wedding? Make mix cds for your guests of your favorite songs  that they can listen to on the drive home.
  • Steal a Pennsylvania tradition: a cookie tree! Close family members and friends each bring a selection of their favorite cookie or dessert bar, along with a recipe card for the bride & groom.
  • For an avid fly fisherman or hunter, incorporate fly ties or feathers into their boutonnieres.

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