The Five-Year Engagement

five year engagement debut The Five Year Engagement Set to Kick Off the Tribeca Film Festival

Went and saw this movie at the early screening last night…two thumbs up from me! It was hilarious, heartwarming, and quite realistic at times. If you love Forgetting Sarah Marshall, this movie is for you – guys too!

As Tom and Violet showed us, the process of planning a wedding can be overwhelming. I like to tell people that wedding planning comes in waves, or as I like to call them, “humps”…managing the important tasks timely to make sure your whole wedding doesn’t get set back a year, or another year, or five years. The point of getting engaged is to get married! So, read on for the first humps to get over when you get engaged…

Hump 1: Revel in engagement excitement, admire your ring, tell everyone you know, update your facebook status, think to yourself how EASY it will be to plan your wedding.

Hump 2: Research dates & venues. Get overwhelmed by your mom’s opinions, your best friend’s 19 other weddings she’s in that summer, and your fiance’s only request of “open bar”. Probably cry a bit.

Hump 3: The largest and most important hump. Book your date, venue (and caterer if your venue doesn’t provide one), photographer, and band/dj. People & places book up crazy far in advance these days and these are the vendors that can’t work more than one wedding per day. Your dress, cake, florist can all come later.

Hump 4: Drink some champagne to celebrate, because you are on your way to the big day!

Have a wonderful Friday…and go see The Five-Year Engagement when it comes out April 27th! In the meantime, check out Tom and Violet’s wedding blog here!

My heart will go on…

Even though I have seen Titanic more times than I can count, and I can recite the entire movie by heart, and nothing gives me chills like Celine belting, I still wish every time that the ending were just a tad different. As in, move your ass over, Rose, and give Jack some of the door to float on! So, in honor of the 100th anniversary of that fateful night, I’m pretending that Mr. Andrews fought for the proper amount of lifeboats, the California responded to the CQD call, more than 1 lifeboat came back, and that Rose did not say “I’ll never let go” while simultaneously letting go. Today, Jack and Rose get off the ship safely and ride off for the wild west (after selling that very rare blue diamond for bajillions…but they don’t need money, they have love). For your viewing pleasure, Jack and Rose’s intimate California beach wedding…