OMG Ombre!

Gwen Stefani married Gavin Rossdale almost a decade ago, but her ombre wedding gown is the inspiration for 2012’s hottest wedding trend.  For those of you who may be wondering what “ombre” is, the definition is “shaded or graduated in tone”.  We began seeing this design element pop up a few years ago in hair highlights, as darker and more natural roots became more popular. This year, it’s everywhere! And, it’s gorgeous! And, it’s easy to incorporate into your wedding.

Our friends are getting married this summer in Aspen and the bride is incorporating ombre as one of her many themes…this wedding is going to just be epic. She watercolor painted her save the dates by hand into a beautiful ombre…see her design posts over here on Denver photographer Laura Murray’s blog (who happens to both insanely talented AND the bride’s sister):

 Post 1: Design     Post 2: DIY

Here’s a smattering of more ombre to enjoy!

May the odds be ever in your favor…

In honor of the Hunger Games  movie premiere (which I could NOT be more excited about…I already have tickets to two showings), enjoy this  awesome wedding inspiration shoot! I think the cake is my favorite. Read on for more ways to incorporate subtle personal touches throughout your wedding, in case a fantasy young adult novel (about teens hunting each other to the death) is not your ideal wedding theme.

  • Serve your favorite beer or name your tables after your favorite bars or restaurants.
  • Love Game of Thrones? Steal their cape-exchanging tradition for your ceremony!
  • Having a destination wedding? Make mix cds for your guests of your favorite songs  that they can listen to on the drive home.
  • Steal a Pennsylvania tradition: a cookie tree! Close family members and friends each bring a selection of their favorite cookie or dessert bar, along with a recipe card for the bride & groom.
  • For an avid fly fisherman or hunter, incorporate fly ties or feathers into their boutonnieres.

Honeymoon 101



In the midst of planning your wedding, it’s important to take some breaks to plan for the fun that comes after…the honeymoon! It’s seriously the best time…you get to relax, spend some awesome alone time with your new spouse, and just get ready for life ahead of you! Even if Bora Bora isn’t in the cards, just taking a few days post-wedding to wind down is essential. Here are some great tips on how to have an unforgettable,yet affordable, honeymoon:

  • Set YOUR priorities – pick what is most important to you and your hubby… is it a fantastic hotel suite? amazing beaches? lots of activity and adventure? saving money? avoiding hurricane season? A honeymoon doesn’t have to be the traditional all-inclusive beach vacation or the biggest trip of your lives…it should be whatever makes you happy.
  • Book in advance – research flights, hotels, and activities well in advance. Flights are typically least expensive 120 days before departure (160 for international). Compare prices using or a similar search engine.
  • Book lodging that includes a kitchen – it can save a ton of money (and calories!) just getting small things for breakfast, snacks and lunch, not to mention fun cocktails and LOTS of champagne!
  • Consider a honeymoon registry – if you have been living with your S.O. for awhile, you may already be fully stocked on the exciting things like dishes, towels and pots! If so, you can register at a number of websites for monetary donations that can help cover flights, activities, dinners and couples’ massages!