Flowerless Bouquets

Miranda Lambert sparked a trend when she decided to eschew wedding floral tradition and carry a bouquet of brooches down the isle. Flowerless bouquets can add a personal touch to your big day and the DIY element can save you money!  When planning your wedding, you are free to be as creative as you like! Think outside the flowers and let your imagination run wild.

Photo Credit: Southern Bride

There are many ways to think outside the flowers when it comes to your bouquet. Planning a rustic outdoor wedding? Incorporating natural elements like wheat or cotton can make a stunning bouquet or boutonniere .

Photo Credit: Jasmine Star

Planning a theme wedding? From buttons to butterflies, a whimsical bouquet can convey a wedding theme in a unique and subtle way.

Photo Credit: Lilfish Studios

Photo Credit: Martha Stewart

Get creative! The possibilities are endless.