Picture Perfect

Photo Credit: Boro Creative Visions Photography

Photo Credit: Boro Creative Visions Photography

I’m working with a client on picking her photographer and it’s reminding me just how crucial photography is to a wedding. It’s really the only thing you get to take home with you after the wedding! That being said, I usually recommend it as a top priority…it is not somewhere you want to scrimp!

Here are a few questions and important things to remember when choosing a photographer…and double check to make sure it’s all in writing in your contract!

  • Name of the photographer who will shoot your wedding and the number of assistant
  • Number and kind(s) of cameras to be used
  • Approximate number of photographs to be shot
  • Number of proofs you’ll receive, and complete package details
  • Date your proofs will be ready and how long you can keep them
  • When and how you’ll receive your order (albums, prints) once you place it, and any other delivery details
  • Length of time the photographer will keep your negatives/digital files
  • Total cost (itemized if possible)
  • Overtime fee, if applicable
  • Subjects to be covered, such as pre-wedding preparations, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception
  • Travel fees, if applicable
  • Style of photography, such as formal portraits, documentary-style, candid, combination, straight shooting, unconventional      composition, and formats

Mmmm, I could stare at wedding photos all day…the beauty is never-ending!


Happy New Year!


Since I’m posting this new year post on January 8th, I appear to not be following one of my goals very well yet: blog more!

It’s been a busy start to 2013…at the Holtz house, we’ve been working through some stomach bugs and some bronchitis, with a little strep throat added in for good measure. However, we are on the mend and ready for a great year! We couldn’t be more excited for this year and we have a great line-up of events and activities on the books already!

A look at what’s coming…

  • A baby shower for a very exciting little girl arrival…and this isn’t just some brunch with a few games. We’ve got a whole cocktail party planned for our special parents-to-be, complete with sparkling juice for the mommy, and a whiskey tasting for the guys! We used these adorable invitations!
  • An engagement party for my sister wife (seriously, she lived in our basement for a while…but now she’s on the upslope and marrying a great guy!)
  • The Children’s Museum of Denver 40th Birthday Bash…Your Golden Ticket to Imagination! Woodlark is chairing the decor committee for this fabulous event on May 31st. We can’t wait! For more info, go like the facebook page please!  https://www.facebook.com/ChildrensMuseumofDenverBirthdayBash
  • A mountaintop wedding at The Lodge & Spa at Cordillera
  • A fall wedding at Mt. Vernon Country Club in the foothills of Denver

Happy New Year to y’all and thanks for stopping by! Hope your year is just as fabulous as can be!




Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays…spiders, creepy crawlers, ghosts…oh my! I think it stems from growing up in Minnesota, where all you wanted to do was wear a normal Jasmine Halloween costume and trick-or-treat outside…but those nasty snow storms always got in the way. Collecting candy at the mall wearing snowboots and a parka just didn’t give my costumes the oomph I always wanted. However, my husband Jeff LOVES the day. It’s one of the only areas we disagree on…other than popcorn and ranch (he hates it…now that, my friends, is an actual horror). So, in an effort to bridge the gap and continue trying this thing they call “compromise”, I’ve included a few Halloweeny party ideas below, including some wonderful ways to incorporate the day into your big day that I actually love! Compromise…what a wonderful thing.

Happy Halloween y’all! Be safe…and eat all the candy you can possibly stomach.