Oh baby baby!

baby3We threw a baby shower for some very good friends a few weeks ago. This couple is fun-loving, casual, and laid-back…so a typical tea just wasn’t going to cut it! They also happen to be the first couple of our friends to have a baby, so the rest of us aren’t as “mature” as they are! After several brainstorm sessions, we decided on a co-ed cocktail party, complete with pink drinks and coconut macaroons for the girls, and a whiskey tasting and bbq wings for the guys!  “Mumm’s” champagne favors, a pink Colorado onesie, and a surprise icing of the dad-to-be completed a really fun night! I cannot wait for that little nugget to arrive in just a few short weeks!




Halloween is one of my least favorite holidays…spiders, creepy crawlers, ghosts…oh my! I think it stems from growing up in Minnesota, where all you wanted to do was wear a normal Jasmine Halloween costume and trick-or-treat outside…but those nasty snow storms always got in the way. Collecting candy at the mall wearing snowboots and a parka just didn’t give my costumes the oomph I always wanted. However, my husband Jeff LOVES the day. It’s one of the only areas we disagree on…other than popcorn and ranch (he hates it…now that, my friends, is an actual horror). So, in an effort to bridge the gap and continue trying this thing they call “compromise”, I’ve included a few Halloweeny party ideas below, including some wonderful ways to incorporate the day into your big day that I actually love! Compromise…what a wonderful thing.

Happy Halloween y’all! Be safe…and eat all the candy you can possibly stomach.


These words followed Lauren and I throughout our entire planning…9 months of engagement and 2 months of “pre-engagement”. She was reminded daily that however things ended up and whatever decisions we made, everything would lead to her best day.

She wanted a clean, modern space for an intimate wedding. We chose Greenhouse Loft, in Chicago, for it’s excellent layout, flexible owners (who also photographed the day), and their “green” approach to everything, including composting all flowers and food, reclaimed wood floors, and organic soy candles.

Lauren works in furniture design, so fabric was a crucial element to her vision. Coral zigzag runners were custom made for the day, complemented by assorted white vases filled with wildflowers in corals, yellows, and whites (done by A New Leaf). Long farmhouse tables sported the runners, along with clean white tablecloths and napkins. Round tables with crisp white linens and coral napkins rounded out the decor. Everything was fun, but complemented the timeless elegance of the day.

I couldn’t be happier for Lauren & Aaron and I have zero doubt that a lifetime of happiness is headed their way. Congrats again and thanks for letting me be part of your day! xoxoxo.