Picture Perfect

Photo Credit: Boro Creative Visions Photography

Photo Credit: Boro Creative Visions Photography

I’m working with a client on picking her photographer and it’s reminding me just how crucial photography is to a wedding. It’s really the only thing you get to take home with you after the wedding! That being said, I usually recommend it as a top priority…it is not somewhere you want to scrimp!

Here are a few questions and important things to remember when choosing a photographer…and double check to make sure it’s all in writing in your contract!

  • Name of the photographer who will shoot your wedding and the number of assistant
  • Number and kind(s) of cameras to be used
  • Approximate number of photographs to be shot
  • Number of proofs you’ll receive, and complete package details
  • Date your proofs will be ready and how long you can keep them
  • When and how you’ll receive your order (albums, prints) once you place it, and any other delivery details
  • Length of time the photographer will keep your negatives/digital files
  • Total cost (itemized if possible)
  • Overtime fee, if applicable
  • Subjects to be covered, such as pre-wedding preparations, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception
  • Travel fees, if applicable
  • Style of photography, such as formal portraits, documentary-style, candid, combination, straight shooting, unconventional      composition, and formats

Mmmm, I could stare at wedding photos all day…the beauty is never-ending!


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